Frequently asked Questions

What is AAPPL Conversation Builder?

AAPPL Conversation Builder allows anyone the opportunity to practice having a conversation in any language, on any topic, at different proficiency levels. The website allows for the teacher-student(s) language learning environment in a traditional classroom and for self-guided learners and, more importantly, the collaborative method of practicing conversation among related groups of language learners--those working with a tutor, friends, classmates, and/or heritage speakers with parents and extended family. Primarily teachers can assign Interpersonal Communication tasks (i.e. audio or video conversations) in the target language either by scripting, producing and uploading original content or by searching the pool of publicly-available conversations. AAPPL Conversation Builder records students' responses and allows the teacher to retrieve and play them back for purposes of providing feedback.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use AAPPL Conversation Builder for free. However some features require a subscription.

How do I use it?

See the Tutorials page for information on how to use features of AAPPL Conversation Builder.

Use your Internet browser in order to use the Conversation Builder's internal recording feature.

What type of account do I need?

There are functional differences between four types of accounts: Basic, Learner, Participant and Full. The Basic and Learner accounts are created on this website. The Participant and Full accounts use your ACTFL Online username and password logging into AAPPL Conversation Builder. Primarily, students use either a Basic (no email address) or Participant (have email address) accounts. Teachers use either a Participant (no subscription) or Full (paid subscription) accounts. See the Account Comparison page for the differences between the account types.

As a teacher, what is a good way to familiarize myself with AAPPL Conversation Builder?

AAPPL Conversation Builder website is designed to be a collaborative tool. However, when first learning how to use the various functions of AAPPL Conversation Builder, you may wish to work on your own. Do so by using at least two different accounts: a Basic or Learner account, and a Participant account. Once you have both accounts, you can familiarize yourself with the major functions of assigning content and providing feedback. See the Getting Started guide for teachers.

How many tasks can I create?

With a Participant account, you can create up to six original conversation tasks, assign then to students and not make them available to the public. With a Full account you can create an unlimited number of private tasks. With either a Participant or Full account, you can create an unlimited number of public tasks. Since you cannot delete shared public tasks, you can delete a private task once you have reached a maximum number of tasks created. However, once you delete your private task, all responses and feedback with that task will be removed as well. Also, you won't receive Participation Points on private tasks.

What are Participation Points?

With a Participant and Full account, you can collect Participation Points. With enough points you can receive a discount on an AAPPL Conversation Builder's annual subscription. To earn points, create your own public task (4 points) and a rate public task (1 point, 5 points if one of the first 20 raters).

What is AAPPL Conversation Builder's connection to AAPPL Measure assessments?

AAPPL Measure assesses students' interpersonal performance ability (ability to hold a conversation) through a virtual video chat. In the course of the video chat students introduce themselves and talk about various topics. The Conversation Builder allows instructors to create a similar interaction thereby giving students significant practice and, more importantly, helping them to grow in proficiency.




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